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Running for Public Office - a problem based learning activity

Yesterday you learned that both the State and the local governments have been passing laws that negatively impact younger people. The township supervisors have placed a 11 pm curfew on anyone under the age of 18 who has not graduated from high school. The County Commissioners have eliminated the amusement tax that funded local park facilities like the skateboard park. The State raised the minimum driving age to 18 years old. They have required all public schools to let retired people attend school events for free. They gave people over 65 a discount on their property taxes, by raising the amount of local earned income tax that school boards can charge working people.

Now they want to raise pension payments to state and local government retirees. This will require a 1% increase in the state's sales tax. Your mom and dad just learned the companies they work for have completely eliminated their pension program.

Most of the elected officials in your community and on your state legislature are over 55 years old. Planning to represent younger people, you have decided to run for office.

Select an elected office.

Write a how to plan about the process, required in your state, to run for public office.


How to get on the ballot,

Where to get necessary forms,

Costs involved,

Campaigning rules,

Term in office,

Qualifications for candidates and other important information.

Identify which department of your state's government is in charge of elections.

Extend your efforts:

What power(s) or control does the Federal government have over elections?

How does this impact local elections?

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