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Select an Insect Mascot for your School or Community

A Problem based Learning Project

The Challenge:

Your community is planning a special Great Outdoors event. The planners have called on your school or club to contribute by selecting a mascot. You have been studying insects and their importance to the ecosystem. You decide to select an insect species as the mascot. That was the easy choice. According to the Bug Info site at the Smithsonian, there are 900 thousand different kinds of living insects. Hmmm....

Which insect best represents your community?

Step 1 -

Identify what you know about insects.

Step 2 -

Identify what you need to discover.

Be specific. Make a list.

Get digging for information - Learn how to research elementary | middle school & high school

Are you working in a group? Assign the group member who is to find each answer or fact.
Everyone will be researching info.
(how to work as a group)

Tech Tip: Working in a group or in two different places like the library & home? You do not have to be physically together to work together. gold starWatch Google Docs video TAI - How could you use free, Google Docs to do a project? How would this facilitate group projects?

Step 3 -

As a group - Discuss your findings.
Decide on an insect mascot.

Step 4 -

Create a multimedia presentation that promotes your choice to your class or parents.

Proof read the project. It is funny how speling errors and typeos sneeck in to the bets work. smiling icon

Step 5 -

Deliver your presentation to the class or your parent(s).

Extra: Conduct a class vote - Which insect wins?

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Aligned with Pennsylvania Academic Standards: Ecology & Environment, Science & Technology, Reading Writing & Speaking