old coin that reads am I not a woman? 1838 shows woman in chains Mystery Object Challenge

You are visiting your Grandpa John during spring break. He lives in a town in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.

He asks you to help him prepare the ground for a new garden. While you are digging, you uncover a small, dirty object.
You wash it off with water from the hose. In your hand, you discover an exciting find - a small disk.

One side of the disk reads: "United States of America - Liberty 1838".

kneeling woman
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United states medal
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Hone your history research skills by uncovering the story of this object.

How old is the object?

What is the object's message?

How was it used?

Name a prominent person who was behind these objects in the United States.


The phrase on the object is the title of a famous speech.

Who gave the speech? When? What was the subject of the speech?


Think about it

Name another object being used for a similar purpose today.


Extend your thinking into action:

Design a new symbol for your school, class, team, family or your favorite organization.

Write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay supporting your design.


The U.S. Congress passed the Slave Trade Act in March 1807. The effective date was Jan. 1, 1808.
January 1, 2008 marks the 200th anniversary of the day it became illegal to import slaves into the United States.


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