question mark Mystery Object Challenge

You are visiting your Uncle William's farm. He lives along the coast in Massachusetts.

He asks you to help him prepare the ground for a new garden. While you are digging, you uncover a small, dirty object.
You wash it off with water from the hose. In your hand, you discover an exciting find - a small ring.

Around the outside of the ring, there tiny 6 pointed stars.

Inside the ring an inscription reads: "Many are the starrs I see, yet in my eye no starr like thee".


Hone your history research skills by uncovering the story of this object.

How old is the object?

What is the object's message?

How were rings like this used?


Think about it

Name another object being used for a similar purpose today.


Extend your thinking into action:

Develop a ring for your school, class, team, family or your favorite organization.

What symbol would you choose?

What would be the inscription?

Write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay supporting your design.


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