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Evaluate a Digital Video Project - problem based learning by Cindy O'Hora

A digital video project is a great way to inform people about an important issue. It can be used to share facts with other people. It can be a plus in a public presentation regarding correcting a problem or setting a plan.

Each year, CSpan TV conducts a contest for high school and middle school aged students. They set an annual theme and other criteria for the video projects. CSpan TV - 2014 StudentCam documentary competition | Student CAM at CSPAN

Your task is to evaluate a winning video.

Select the criteria you will use to evaluate the video. Make a list. What do you believe would be important in a quality presentation?

Note the Title and Creator of the video.

Describe the video's message.

How did the creator support their message?

How effective was the video? Explain your responses.


Extend your challenge:

Compare - contrast a winning video, with another video submission that did not win.

What are the strengths of each video? What are the weaknesses?

Close by explaining whether or not you would agree with the contest board's decision.

Need some help with compare contrast? Review the Comparison and Contrast Guide @ ReadWriteThink - online activity through "Evaluating".

Tip: To work your way through click the right pointing arrow after reading each page. right arrow

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developed by Cynthia J. O'Hora Posted 4/2014,
Released to public domain in honor of filmmaker
Ken Burns who uses the power of film to challenge us all with interesting ideas.