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Bonus Army treatment and Veterans benefits today

Investigate the story behind a photo

Do we treat our veterans well?

In an old family album you find a old newspaper photograph. It shows a gathering of thousands of people on the lawn before the United States Capitol. Your grandmother explains that it is the Bonus Army. Your great Uncle Matthew had been a participant. He never got over the sense of betrayal he felt over the actions of General MacArthur. His friend William Huska was killed. Uncle Matthew did not live to receive his "tombstone bonus".

Look into the events surrounding the Bonus Army of 1932.

NPR: Soldier against Soldier Listen to the story | The Bonus Army

Bonus Army Webcast | The Bonus March


How are veterans treated today in the United States?

What are the benefits for serving in one of the armed services of the United States?

What special state or local benefits does a veteran receive?


Has the government learned from the Bonus Army incident?

Are the veterans treated well today?


"The people have been betrayed by the servant of Wall Street who sits in the White House.
He and his henchmen will continue to betray the people unless the people rise in their own defense and,
with the weapon given them by law --the ballot--
turn out all whose interests are not in the interest of the masses."

Walter W. Waters, Leader of the Bonus Expeditionary Forces
In Our Own Words
: Extraordinary Speeches of the American Century


The Surprising History of Military College Benefits, Kim Clark. US News June 17, 2008

Credit: Bonus marchers fight with D.C. police at a camp on Pennsylvania Avenue. General Douglas MacArthur Foundation

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