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Anna Sunday Internet Hunt by Cindy O'Hora
Based on the novel Anna Sunday by Sally M. Keehn

Directions: Click the linked words to go to a site with the question's answer. The answer is often on the page you are linked to. A few questions require you to use an appropriate link to another page, to find the answer.
Hold down on the Back button. A menu will open. Drag down to select the hunt web page.
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1. Mister Eli fears Anna and Jed are "minions of One Eyed Pete". What is a minion?

Look it up at: WordCentral



To whom are you a minion?



2. Mr. Eli has Jed and Roscoe wear ties to the meal. If someone told you to wear a "black tie" to a dinner,
what does that mean?


3. Is there really a Vale Of Glamorgan, Wales? Let's look in Wales!
Use your online research skills to find the answer.



4. What was a sutler?


5. Mr. Eli gives the children laudanum in their ginger pop.
What was ginger pop?



6. Why did Anna want to give her father Boneset tea?



7. Anna believes Live-Forever will be very helpful to her sick father.
List two traits of the plant that will help her recognize it.



8. The song "Battle Hymn of the Republic" is mentioned several times in the story.
Who wrote it?


NPR has written that the song is the other national anthem.

What is title of our national anthem?


What song best describes how you feel about The United States of America?


9. Define these words using this online dictionary resource.







10. Was the story told about Stonewall Jackson accurate? (Research the answer online)


Look it up online:

11. You probably think of braces as a way to straighten teeth. But in past times it meant an article of clothing.
What is another word for braces?
(Hint. Make a careful choice of two keywords to make your searches fruitful.)


12. Joshua shows a geode to Adam. Write three facts about geodes.





13. Explore the author. Use this website to glean these facts.

a. Other than author, what job has she had?



b. What kind of books does she write?



c. How many books has she had published?



d. Write as a fraction - the number of books she has written compared with the number of her books that have heroines.


Done Already?

* In the Valley of the Shadow - Two Communities in the American Civil War.

Learn about Gentle Annie: the true story about a Civil War Nurse

* Use Timeline of the Civil War to determine how much longer the war lasted from the time of this book. Timeline at Library of Congress

How? Use the clues in the story to estimate the time setting of the book on the Timeline.
Select a date. Find the date of the surrender and calculate the answer.

* Find out about Hans Christian Anderson. He authored the story Thumbelina

What was Thumbelina's other name?

When did he write the tale?

Anderson was a citizen of what nation?

*Make a set of Character Trading Cards. - Planning sheet

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