Artists of Pennsylvania Internet Research Activity
Use your online research skills to answer the questions.

1. Mary Cassatt is well known for her .....


What was her most frequent subject?


2. What approaches did Walter Emerson Baum use to promote the arts?


3. Ned Smith's paintings of ____________________________ attracted people concerned about ....


4. Andy Warhol challenged many concepts of art. Explain.


5. N.C. Wyeth's work may be familiar to many children. Why?


6. Pittsburgher, Gene Kelly demanded much of himself and those who worked with him.
List three of his most famous performances.



7. Jimmy Stewart was a prolific actor. In December, you might have seen him in the film It is a Wonderful Life.
What is the theme of the movie?


He was also well known for his writing. What did he write?


8. What is the artist, Charles Willson Peale, famous for painting?


Why is his work important to students of civics and history?

More than an artist. List several of his other interests.

9. Pennsylvania was known for several kinds of ceramics. Write an expository paragraph about one kind.

10. Jimmy Bruno is noted for.....

11. Samuel Barber began his artistic career when he was what age?

What is one of his most noteworthy pieces?

12. Martha Graham's impact on her form of expression was so great that many believe she defined it.
What was her art?

How did she impact her art form?

13. Philadelphia born, Thomas Eakins is honored for ....

14. Violet Oakley painted giant murals in the Pennsylvania Senate chamber.
What do they depict?

15. Edward Hicks painted many works on a central theme. He linked them to a moment in PA History.


* Explain how the images in the The Penn Treaty Collection send a message.

* Explore Philadelphia Public Art

Identify a work of art that is on public display in your region. Add it to the map

Philadelphia Museum of Art "George Washington Crossing the Delaware"
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts P.O.V.'s Public Art Map
Erie Art Museum Works of Art in the US Capitol Complex
Palmer Art Museum at PSU The National Statuary Hall Collection
Brandywine River Museum Mystery Object Challenge
Carnegie Museum of Art Words from Art and Illustrations
Reading Public Museum Descriptive Writing using a work of Art
American Artists Activity Winter Scene Writing

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