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Pennsylvania Projects - Music & Musicians of Pennsylvania Activity

Directions: Click on the links to go to a site with the question's answer. Although the answer is often on the page you are linked to, some require you to choose an appropriate link to another page with the answer. Use your Internet search skills, if a link is broken. Use the Back Button Menu of your browser to return to this hunt page. (Hold down on the back button and a drop down menu will appear.)

1. Solomon John Keal is recognized for his....


2. Stephen Collins Foster was a prolific song writer who was born in Lawrenceville, PA. How did his songs reflect the times in which he lived?



3. John Coltrane could play several instruments. Name them.


What style of music was he most known for playing?


4. Although best known for his acting, this Pennsylvanian is also a musician.
Name him.
What kind of music does he favor?


5. Walt Koken is known for what kind of music?



6. Samuel Barber's musical interests lay in .....



7. His compositions have enriched many movies. Name him.

How many films did he score?


8. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt resigned from the D.A.R. When they snubbed this exceptional PA. virtuoso. Who was she?


Where did she eventually perform in Washington D.C.?


What is one song she sang at that event?


TAI think about it - What was her message in singing that song?


9. Perry Como is a delightful singer. How else has he earned his way?


What instruments did he play?


10. Composer and pianist, Peter Nero, has accomplished a great deal in his life. What is his greatest achievement?



11. How did Mary Cardwell Dawson contribute to music in America?


12. Bessie Smith was known as the Empress of the Blues.

List 3 of the many challenges she faced in her life.


13. Adam Nowicki's ability to play several instruments was a vital part of his success as a musician. Explain why.



14. Richard Wagstaff Clark was not a performer himself. But he has played an important role in music history from his TV show in Philadelphia.

What was the show?

How was it important?


15. This family has been crafting extraordinary musical instruments in Pennsylvania for over 100 years. Name the family and the instrument.


16. Describe Eugene Ormandy's impact on music.


17. Robert Hazard shared a love of music with his father. Their music careers were quite different. Explain.


Use your online research skills to uncover:

18. For over 100 years, flamboyantly clad groups parade in Philadelphia on New Year's Day. What kind of music do people who attend the parade hear?


19. What is the chorus of the official state song of the Commonwealth?


20. The Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild plays what role?


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