The Scarlet Stockings Spy Crossword Puzzle
Based on the book The Scarlet Stockings Spy by Trinka Hakes Noble

1. Rocks that pave street 2. Color of the coat her brother wore
4. Number of stars in flag 3. Leg coverings
5. Flew them to celebrate winning battle 5. Died in battle during winter
6. Maddy Rose lived with her 7. Color of petticoats
10. Setting of the story 8. Make no sound
12. When Maddy Rose stitched her flag 9. Colonists fought them in Revolutionary War
13. Small stream 11. Cooked these for tea
14. Both Maddy Rose and Jonathan are one 15. People who support their country
16. Found in harbors 17. Maddy Rose watched here for ships
19. He wore disguises 18. Color of stoclings Maddy Rose wore
20. Some secret messages use this  
21. Covers clothes when working or cooking The Scarlet Stockings Spy Online Quiz
22. Join fabric together with thread and needle Revolutionary War Spies Project
23. In blue part of flag Teacher's Guide

flag bar

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