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Database Internet Hunt by Cindy O'Hora
This hunt broadens your understanding of one of computing's most powerful tools.

Directions: Click on the numbers (at the bottom of the window) to go to each question. Use the links to find the answers to the questions. Hold down on the back button of your browser. A menu will appear listing the pages you have visited in reverse order. Drag down to select the web page you want to return to. Getting back tips / printer pdf version | text version

1. What is a database?



Give an example of a paper-based database found in your home or your school.


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Harnessing Databases 1

Database Activity - vocabulary

Database Organize

Make a Database tutorials

Harnessing Databases 2 Database Hunt Introduction to Databases AppleWorks database tips
GIS - the power of database GeoWeb - enter data to put your town on the map  

Pennsylvania Academic Standards:

Science and Technology 3.7. Technological Devices -
4. E Identify basic computer communications systems. Apply a web browser. Use on-line searches to answer age appropriate questions.

7 C. Explain and demonstrate basic computer operations and concepts. Know specialized computer applications used in the community.

7 D. Apply computer software to solve specific problems. Apply intermediate skills in utilizing database software.

7 E. Explain basic computer communications systems. Apply basic on-line research techniques to solve a specific problem.

10 D. Utilize computer software to solve specific problems. Select and apply software designed to meet specific needs

10 E. Apply basic computer communications systems.

Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening 1.8 Research
5 B. Locate information using appropriate sources and strategies. Use traditional and electronic search tools.

5 C. Organize and present the main ideas from research.

5 B. Locate information using appropriate sources and strategies. Select essential sources - databases


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