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Directions: Bookmark this hunt page. Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions.
Use the bookmark to return to this hunt page. If a link is broken, use your online research skills to develop an answer

1. You find the perfect image for your report on a web site. Under the picture there is a copyright notice.
How should you handle this?


2. You paid $25 for the newest cd of your favorite group. Your best friend's family has fallen on hard times.
You make a copy of the cd for him. Is this ok? Not OK? Why?



3. Fair Use means a teacher can take the contents of a web activity page and repost it in
your school's web site because it is for a school.
True or False. Support the answer.



4. What three factors qualify a work for copyright protection?


5. What three things may be included in a copyright notice? Research the answer.


6. Martin Luther King Jr. a famous activist, was accused of plagiarizing in his writings . What is plagiarizing?



7. Congratulations, you wrote a great book.
How long is that book copyright protected
according to the US Copyright Office?


8. Copyright and fair use guidelines pdf

Your group is creating a web site as a class project. While researching on the Internet,
you discover a great online puzzle that really fits your project. None of you knows how to make online puzzles.
Are you legally permitted to copy the web page and add it to your web site?


Since your project's site will be online, what is an alternative to posting it in your site?



How much music, from your favorite rock group, can you add to the project?


The opening shot from a hit movie would be a great closing for the class digital yearbook.
How much can you use?


9. True or False. Everything on the Internet is Public Domain.
( Helpful hint. Use the Find command to scan the text rather than read the whole page. To do this using most web browsers,
go Edit ... Find. (Mac - command..f) Enter the keywords and click Find. The text will be highlighted.
Edit ... Find again (command..g
) will take you to the next occurrence of the word.)


What is public domain?


10. What are the five exclusive rights given to copyright owners under the Copyright Act?


11. Write one of the The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics.


12. Watch the video - What is the Purpose of Copyright?

How do you feel about file sharing?


Did you know? The right to make a derivative work is also the right of the copyright holder. *Rowling wins suit


13. The Creative Commons - How does a CC license challenge the thinking around copyrights?


14. What are the consequences, at your school, for violating a copyright or plagiarizing?
(Hopefully, your school's policies are available online. If not, use library resources to learn the answer. A copy of your school district's policy book and the current student handbook should be available in your school's library.)

Are the consequences the same for everyone?

Should they be the same?


 red check,ark Show what you know/ Essays and projects:

* Listen to this interview of Mary Beth Peters, Library Of Congress discussing copyright issues.
Do you think the balance is right?

* Creative Commons Conundrum - If you had written a book, developed new software, composed a piece of music or made a movie, would you release it under a Creative Commons license? Why or Why not?

* Listen to Max Blumberg, Student Cam Winner discuss the winning 2006 Student Cam entry “Illegal Downloading and Music File Sharing.”

Create a 7 minute long, multimedia presentation about illegal downloading or other copyright issues.

* Watch - Fair(y) use Tale - Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University created this humorous, yet informative,
review of copyright principles.
What is his message?

CopyRight Quiz Downloads danger
Inside the Mind of a Plagiarist teachertube video Listen to NPR: Internet & College Cheating
Digital Millennium Copyright Act Schools: Stop The Music Swapping
Stanford Center Advocates for Fair Use on Web - NPR article Copyright & Piracy at TeacherTube Pt. 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4
CopyLeft video at TeacherTube offers many free resources for video, audio and images Watch Copyright Criminals - how is digital sampling impacting the music industry? Which side do you support?

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