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Discerning Fake and Real Photos - Why does it matter to you?

Before you believe what you see in a photo, it is important to ascertain if the image is authentic.

Watch Haney Farid at Nova Science Now.
Farid is the founder of digital forensics, a scientific field designed to determine if digital images, audio, video, and other documents have been manipulated or altered in any way.

Make a list of 6 ways to tell if a photographic image is a fake.


Why would someone alter a photographic image?


What are some positives about this technology?


Your sister Jane is sobbing. Someone has pasted her face on a photograph of a person doing something real mean to a dog. Kids are passing the photo around school and have posted it online.

What can you do to help her?


What should be the consequences for attacking someone this way?



What are the potential consequences, at your school or in your family, for this kind of cruel activity?


Take the Real or Fake challenge (linked on the Nova web page) How many fakes do you detect?


"When somebody tells me something won't work, I am more determined than ever to make it work." Haney Farid
More people inspired by the word - Cannot

Intrigued by digital forensics?

What classes in high school would prepare you for a career in this field?

What further training will you need after high school?

Where is that training offered in your state?


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