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Consider the Power of Possibilities through Andreessen's eyes.

Marc Andreessen, co-founder and chairman of Ning and an investor in several startups including Digg, Plazes, and Twitter. He is a co-author of Mosaic, and the founder of Netscape. Mr. Andreessen is an important part of the past, the present and the future of the Internet.

Watch this whole interview with Mr. Andreessen, on Charlie Rose. (about 1 hour)

* Identify one of his visions.

Do you believe it is achievable?

What are the challenges to achieving his goal?

What would be the benefits?

* Mr. Andreessen has a big vision. He envisions connecting everyone via the internet.

Research it:

Give an example of a positive outcome of social networking.


Give an example of a negative outcome of social networking.


* How would Mr. Andreessen solve the banking crisis? (45:31)

Do you buy into his answer?


* How will his observations and ideas inform your choices like spending and career? Explain.


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