bullfrog along Pennsylvania stream Wetlands Study Unit - Life Cycles

Nature is full of cycles. The sun rises, crosses the sky, and sets each day. The water cycle is critical to survival for all living things.

Your school day is a cycle, too. You arrive, study some subjects, have lunch, study some more stuff, and finally head home. Although all the kids at school behave in the same general cycle, there are differences. For some students, the school day begins with Language Arts. Others may begin their day with Science or Mathematics.

Your school day cycle can be interrupted by events like: holidays, weather, and illness. Natural cycles are impacted by events, as well.

Both plants and animals have life cycles. The life cycle of organisms includes several stages.
The details of the life cycle vary for different organisms.

1. Use a table to compare the life cycle of three species that live in a wetland.

Amphibian   Insect Plant

2. How are the life cycles of the three species similar?


3. How are their life cycles different?


4. Weather can impact the cycle of a school day. The day could be cancelled or start later.
You could even be dismissed early, cutting the day short.

Name 4 ways weather can impact the life cycle of a species.


How does the species change to cope with the weather?


5. How would the increase or decrease in the population, of one of the species, impact the others?


6. What actions by people can negatively impact the life cycle of one of the species?


What actions can people take to have a positive impact on the species?


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