bullfrog along Pennsylvania stream

Wetlands Ecosystem Study Unit



frog Amphibians resources:

Bullfrogs Frogs & How They Live Amphibians & Reptiles of PA Stream Team
PA Amphibians & Reptiles Amphibians Internet Activity What is an amphibian? Life in a mainstream
Electronic Naturalist - nature study with materials Amphibians in Westmoreland County Classification of Living Things
Animal Bytes: Amphibians Virtual Pond Dip Fish & Aquatic Life: Sensitive Amphibians and Riparian Reptiles
Early Warning Field Guides - 5,500 species Indicator Species @ The Futures Channel Major Overhaul

Things to know:

frog Watch Classification of animals . What traits do all amphibians have in common?

frog Name the three orders of amphibians.

frog Which is it? Amphibians are vertebrates or invertebrates?

Are they Ectotherms or Endotherms?

Are they Autotrophs or heterotrophs?

frog Draw an amphibian or find an image on the web.

Label the body parts: head, thorax, eye, mouth, abdomen, legs, tail

frog Diagram the life cycle of an amphibian.

Describe amphibian metamorphosis.

frog Diagram a food web that includes an amphibian.

frog Amphibian Facts Activity - doc. format | pencil pdf. format

frog Frayer Amphibian Activity

frog Learn to recognize four amphibians that are found in your community or your state.

What is their ecological status? common, rare, endangered, extinct

How would the extinction of a species impact other organisms in the habitat?

frog Croak - Unravel the mystery | frog Write a Frog Facts Song

cattails Wetlands: Habitat / Mammals / Birds / Macrovertebrates - Aquatic Insects / Plants & trees / Amphibians / Conclusions

Food Web Relationships / Wetland Ecology Vocabulary Exercise / Life Cycles / Mammal Morphology: compare - contrast

Bats are our Buddies / Amphibians Internet Activity / Riparian Buffers - investigate / Photos: page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4

Eagles Evaluation / Lentic or Lotic ecosystem? / Wetland Poem Project / Wetland or Frog Song activity

Citizen Science Projects - collect some data / Collecting data pdf. - doc. / Digital Science Journal / Wetland Ecology Dilemmas

Water & Watershed Studies / Water Wars / Environmental/Energy Issue Video Project

PA. Envirothon / Monitor a Wetland / Great Outdoors Celebration - pbl


Internet Hunts / Nature / Computer Volunteering / Puzzles and Projects / Home

Habitat Garden / Bluebird Project / Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania / Plants and People / Best Treat Of All

Science NetLinks Benchmark 1- Nature of science - How science works

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