Wetlands Ecosystem Study Unit

Investigate - How are wetland habitats an essential part of a community's ecosystem?

Wetlands picture

Habitat Information:

Intro to Wetlands

Geology of PA Groundwater

Home Sweet Herp

Estimate water quality based on insects found there. Good / fair / poor

Wetlands at EEK!
Wetlands - The Vital Link How does pollution affect our public waters? Envirothon Central

Learning About Wetlands

Wetlands ecosystems Envirothon Acquatics for MS HS
Wetlands 101 - USFWS Pond Stream Study Guide Guide to Identification of Fresh Water Microorganisms
Stream meanders back to life Water Studies - Water words puzzle Environment Issues Game make one
Wetlands - habitats Water Cycle - water on the move Wetland Vocabulary Exercise
Intro to Wetlands Wetlands fact sheets Green Maps Around the World
Intro to wetlands Wetland - marsh - swamp What is an estuary?

blue arrow Vocabulary to Master:

Habitat, ecosystem, aquifer, watershed, wetland, estuary, marsh, bog, erosion, pond, filter, groundwater, adapt, vertebrate, invertebrate, ecologist, autotroph, heterotroph, niche, riparian buffer, population, hydrology, ecologic community, biodiversity. (Use Free Printable Flashcard Maker to create your own flashcards to use as a study aid)

Habitat Frayer worksheet pdf / doc.

blue arrow What is a wetland? Complete a Frayer Model for Wetlands - doc. format | pencil pdf. format

blue arrow Relationships - Three broad categories are used to describe the relationship of wetlands to other surface waters:

* Lacustrine wetlands are associated with lakes.
* Riverine wetlands are found along shores of rivers and streams.
* Palustrine wetlands are not associated with lakes, rivers or streams.

Describe the kinds of organisms that live in each kind. Are they unique? Do they change through the cycle of seasons?

blue arrow List several natural events that may impact a wetland habitat.

blue arrow Explain why preserving wetlands is important for maintaining biodiversity.

blue arrow How does having a wetland benefit the landowner and the community?

blue arrow Select one: acid mine drainage, nonpoint source pollution (runoff), soil erosion or dredging/draining.

*How does it impact a wetland ecosystem?

blue arrow Riparian Buffers - School Property Runoff Investigation - action activity

Identify a riparian buffer in your community. Assess its biodiversity and viability.

blue arrowAnalyze - Listen to A Bog's Goodbye - What do you think - Intervene? Let it go?

*Are there any bogs in your region or state?
*What is the status of the bog - Thriving? Declining?

blue arrow Evaluate - Identify a location, at your school or community park, where a wetland habitat could be developed or should be protected and preserved.

If a stream runs through it, what should the landowner do?

blue arrow Observation skills builders: Hole | Pool | Water (basic)

blue arrow Complete Lentic or Lotic Ecosystems. (basic)

Show what you know - Identify 2 lentic and 2 lotic ecosystems in your region.

blue arrow Map and inventory local wetlands (mid to advanced)

blue arrow Wetland Ecology Dilemmas investigation

cattails Wetlands: Habitat / Mammals / Birds / Macrovertebrates - Aquatic Insects / Plants & trees / Amphibians / Conclusions

Food Web Relationships / Wetland Ecology Vocabulary Exercise / Life Cycles / Mammal Morphology: compare - contrast

Bats are our Buddies / Amphibians Internet Activity / Wetland or Frog Song activity / Competition Conundrums

Eagles Evaluation / Wetland Poem Project / Monitor Wetland

Citizen Science Projects - collect some data / Collecting data pdf. - doc. / Digital Science Journal

Wetlands Trees of Pennsylvania Puzzle / Environmental/Energy Issue Video Project

Water & Watershed Studies / Environmental careers / Great Outdoors Celebration - pbl


Nature / Milkweed & Monarch Butterfly Mania / Bluebirds Project / Best Treat of All / Fields, Fencerows & Meadows

Internet Hunts / Plants and People / School Habitat Garden Project / Puzzles & Projects / Pennsylvania Projects / Site map / Home

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