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Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote. ~ George Jean Nathan

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Ballot Access issues - Written for Pennsylvania. Can be applied to any state
2. Running for Public Office - how to
3. Gerrymandering is having a serious and lasting effect on government in the U.S.A..
What is gerrymandering? Do you believe it is right or wrong to do? Redistricting

Gerrymandering - Are Voting Rights preserved by your State’s Voting Districts?
(The links in the pdf's footnotes are active. Click them to view to the primary document online.)

4. Elections and Term limits - Constitution Day civics activity
5. April Civics Activity - Exploring Franchise and Elections
6. Susan B. Anthony, the Constitution and the Vote
7. Women's Suffrage - honor a suffragist (problem based learning)
8. Amending the U.S. Constitution - Washington D.C. representation in the federal government
National Popular Vote - The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the election of the presidential candidate
who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and District of Columbia.
Explore the issue surrounding the movement for a National Popular Vote.
Conduct a class debate.


Voter Rights Act of 1965 renewal - Block the Vote resources

The Constitution of the United States does not set forth requirements for the right to vote.
Recount the history of voting rights in the U.S. from the adoption of the Constitution on September 17, 1787
to the Voting Rights Act (1965).
Identify the point at which, an individual like you, was given the right to vote.
Identify the last group of people to gain the right to vote. When did this occur?

Who Represents You? civics research project
Government Reform - Term Limits
Citizen initiative and ballot referendum
Using wedge issues to encourage people to vote.
Select one of Herblock's History - political cartoons at the Library of Congress that relates to elections or voting.
What is the issue? Is it germane to you today?

Voters Rights - Convicted Felons
Electing a president - Exploring the Electoral College
Examine your Government's Demographic Statistics
Election Vocabulary Puzzle Make Your Own project - Rubric added
Some people believe that voter caging is a valid method for fighting voter fraud. Look into the issue.
Is there voter fraud in your state? Do you support voter caging?
Youth Voter Campaign problem based learning

Act 1 of 2006 in PA. referendum of taxation PBL

Chief Justice John Marshall wrote, "The people made the Constitution and the People can unmake it."
Can citizens change the Constitution?
What are the mechanisms in your state for changing its constitution?
How many times has it been changed since its inception?
What was the most recent change?

Use the resources at Project Vote Smart to explore the voting record of someone who represents you.
How will your findings impact your future support of them in elections?


Each State enacts laws to prevent voter fraud and avoid election-day debacles.
Some critics claim the laws mean qualified voters may also be left out, especially minorities, the poor, the elderly and the disabled.
Explore Block the Vote.

Do your own assessment of your state's voting laws. Do your support the voting laws in your state?

27. Civics Mystery Message - gather the Constitution facts to solve the message
28. Presidential Math Project
29. Create a multimedia game that asks questions about voting and elections. Who is your group's elections expert?
30. Elections – Mobilization versus Suppression
31. Watch - How the Iowa Straw Poll Works New York Times web site.
Does the process shown represent your beliefs about how this nation's elections work?
32. Fallacy Watch: How to Read a Poll

Evaluate a poll's results that are in the news. Are the results meaningful?

Is the sample scientifically selected or self-selected?

What is the poll's margin of error? Are the results given within the margin of error?

How do these polling results compare with other recent polls on this subject?

33. Civil Rights - what are yours?
34. Read: False Ads: There Oughta Be A Law! - Or Maybe Not
If truth-in-advertising laws do not apply to campaign ads or other political speech,
how should the information in these ads be viewed?.
35. FactCheck.org at Annenberg Public Policy Center helps you find the spin in political and other messages.
Select one of the subjects they expose. How has their "debunking" influenced your opinion?
36. Consider this election related flier.
What is the message? Who is sending the message? Does it motivate you to act?
37. Slant seen in '08 race coverage by Jennifer Harper, October 29, 2007 Washington Times article.
What do you think?
38. Letters to the Editor regarding voting
39. Political Literacy: Sifting thru the spin | Watch Chris Malone's "crash course" on deciphering political TV ads.

Based on this information, what is your impression or sense of elections in the United States?

40. Democracy Project at PBS lessons and activities Why Vote? new
41. What should be the date for General Elections? new
  The Role of the Media In Elections lesson plans adapt for current election off site
Freedom a History of US - a media rich site that explores many freedom issues in US history
  Library of Congress' Inaugurations web project
  Voting motivation issue video explaining the power and importance of the vote.
** If you're having trouble viewing this link, you can download Windows Media Player for free.
  Pennsylvania Project - state government focus

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" Benjamin Franklin

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