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"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people." John Adams

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  100 Milestone Documents - The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has assembled a set of documents that have had a significant impact on the lives of Americans. It is a valuable resource for Constitution Day activities. These activities can be useful in preparing for the American History AP exam and for becoming an informed citizen. The Declaration of Independence: Voted #1 by THE PEOPLE
  U. S. Constitution | Articles of Confederation | Bill of Rights

Who Wants To Marry A Founding Father? a lighthearted lesson about those who drafted the Constitution.

  Centuries of Citizenship a Constitution timeline OUTSTANDING online multimedia resource
America and the Courts - CSPAN
Themes and Essential Questions

Prologue magazine brings readers stories based on the rich holdings and programs of NARA,
the regional archives, and the Presidential libraries from across the nation.

Exploring Constitutional Law
Publishing the Declaration - Library of Congress
Exchange - A Marketplace of Student Ideas - This an online community site designed for high school students and their teachers. The Exchange is a free interactive student program hosted by the National Constitution Center and supported by the Annenberg Foundation which connects student from across the country to discuss important constitutional and political issues.
  Everyday Civics emphasizes the importance of citizen involvement in all levels of government and promotes
the study of state and local government among the Commonwealth's citizens.
Spin - examine the crafted government message
ConSource - At least 1,000 documents are available on the site, including James Madison’s handwritten notes of the Constitutional Convention the summer of 1787, the Federalist Papers, the Anti and Pro-Federalist Papers, letters written between Founders regarding ratification and the Bill of Rights, the state ratification debates for seven states, and the legislative history of the Bill of Rights.
  The Electoral College - Mathematics - offsite
The CyberCemetery - an archive of government websites that have ceased operation (usually websites of defunct government agencies and commissions that have issued a final report.
The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis
  Active Citizenship Today (ACT) Online
E Pluribus Unum report - the American National Identity
Capitol Visitors Center
  Inauguration resources:

Inaugural - Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies web site

Inaugural facts scavenger hunt

CSPAN Coverage of the Inaugural

Who said it? Famous Inaugural Quotes Quiz


Watch Videos of Famous Inaugurations

Inaugural Words: 1789 to the Present

Inaugural - Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies web site

CNN Student News - Presidential Oath


Civic Mission in Schools resources

Law Day Lessons
  Bill of Rights in Action
Bill of Rights in the News Daily Headlines

CSPAN Student Cam contest entries

American Political Parties lesson - CNN Student News
  The Constitutional Convention | Constitutional Rights Foundation resources
  The Bill of Rights Institute many resources and free lesson plans
  Document the American Experience in your community. | Veterans History Project | StoryCorps
United States Constitution - Primary Documents Library of Congress
  Encouraging Voices - Revolution Quotes | History, Character, and the Future

Read Robert V. Remini's "Ordinary Heroes: Founders of Our Republic." HS

Educational rap music - the other three r's WOW! check it out!

  Pennsylvania Civics and Social Studies projects | Pennsylvania Constitution lesson
  The Articles of Confederation or The Articles of Confederation quiz
  Archiving Early America
  We the Kids—The Three Branches and Me 3-5th
  Dancing and Singing through the Bill of Rights 3-5th - Frayer Model Amend | The Amendment Song | Con- Amendment Poster
  Creating A Bill Of Rights In Space 4-8th | Bill of Rights/Constitutional Rights | Bill of Rights 3-5th

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day NSBA site

  Constitution fill-in-the-blank challenge | Bill of Rights BINGO
  Recite/sing the Preamble of the Construction on Constitution Day or whenever the spirit moves you!
  Make a Public Service Announcement supporting an aspect of the Constitution.
  Lessons for Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
  Founder's Constitution
  Student Voices Campaign Curriculum
  The U.S. Constitution and the States a resource at the University of Texas
  First Federal Congress - NARA | Birth of a Nation | The Documentary History
  1936 Faulkner Murals - Two large-scale murals in the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom at the National Archives Building in Washington D.C. depict fictional scenes of the presentation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. interactive
  Independence National Historical Park - Pennsylvania State House, Liberty Bell Center
  A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1875
  Web Censorship and the Constitution
  The Federal Judiciary - Constitution online game
  You decide: Jefferson or Hamilton. Who had the more enduring vision?

Political Cartoons in the Classroom

  Politics and Web Video presentation - how the Internet and Web based information is changing the nature of political discussion in the U.S.A
  The Electoral College Map activity at Congress for Kids
  Dubious Democracy 2005
Broken Government - Scorched Earth CNN
  FactCheck.org - holding politicians accountable Lesson plans learn how to check the facts.
  The Department of Defense ThinkQuest project
  Kids in the House - Office of Chief Clerk
  Lessons for Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, September 17 from the Center for Civic Education
  Center for Media and Democracy - PR Watch investigating and exposing public relations spin and propaganda
What Good May I Do: Franklin and the American Civic Association grades 6-8
  White House yesterday to today 3rd to 6th
  Listen to great documents in United States History
  Eyewitness to History
  A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation - Primary documents Library of Congress Web Guides
  I do solemnly swear Presidential Inaugurations Library of Congress
  Statue of Liberty Cyberhunt

A Balancing Act - Our Three Branches Government webquest 5th grade

  Four Founding Fathers You May Never Have Met
  Social Studies lesson plans
  CQPress in Context - Constitution Day Resources
  Goodbye Bill Of Rights! - Students will enact a scene demonstrating life without one of the first ten amendments.
  The American Revolution - A "Revolting" Alphabet multimedia project
  Stand up for your Rights at the Library of Congress
  Freedom a History of US - a media rich site that explores many freedom issues in US history
  John Adams and the nasty game of politics video on TeacherTube
  American Experience - US Presidents online videos and other information
  Liberty or Death recreation of Patrick Henry's immortal speech | Patrick Henry @ Colonial Williamsburg
Upon exiting the Constitutional Convention of 1787 Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens.
They asked what sort of government the delegates had created.
Dr. Franklin replied: "A republic, if you can keep it."

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