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1. For those of us who live in Northeastern America, the brightly colored, fall leaves are a glorious sight.
What three factors give the leaves their many fall colors?



2. One way to sort trees is to identify them as deciduous or evergreen.

Explain the difference.



Some people think that weather changes in the fall cause the deciduous trees to lose their leaves.
This is incorrect. What does cause deciduous trees to lose their leaves each fall?



Weather is a factor in the coloration of the leaves in fall.
List two weather factors that contribute to the color of the leaves.



3. The Hickory is a very useful tree. (Scroll down to Hickory Wood Characteristics)
List 3 different ways people use them.


Name a nut you have eaten.

Check it out - Does the nut you ate grow on a tree, like a hickory nut does? (Research required)


pumpkin 4. Pumpkins are popping up practically everywhere!
How did the Colonists cook pumpkin pie


Is this: the same as | kind of like | or very different from - the way you've had pumpkin pie.


black capped chickadee 5. Chickadees gather and store seeds to prepare for winter.
What is this "storing" behavior called?


cfl 6. October 5th is National Change a Light day.
Why should we change away from using incandescent light bulbs?


Estimate: What percentage of the lightbulbs in your home are fluorescent and/or LED?
(How to calculate a percentage video at the Mathflix website) | Khan Academy percentages videos


There are always winners and losers in change.
How did the change to a new light bulb have a negative impact on some people?



7. Frost is a form of precipitation. How is frost formed?



woolly worm caterpillar

8. You spy a woolly bear caterpillar crossing the sidewalk. Its black bands are wider than the brown band. What weather does this predict? (Use your Internet search skills to learn the answer.)



9. The Khan Academy website provides free, online videos that explain many areas of mathematics.
Watch a video related to the math you are currently studying. (Hint: The Index will help you locate a video.)

I watched -

Describe a situation where you could use this math resource.


10. Write the names of the states that border your home state. Use an online map if you need help.

Helpful advice. Employing an organized way of writing the names will help you avoid missing a state.
Start with the state that is due North of your state. Move in a clockwise (or counter clockwise) fashion around the border.


"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear." - Mark Twain

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