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Colonial & Revolutionary Americans Activity

Directions: Use the colored links provided to find the answers to the questions.
Use the Back button of your browser to return to this web page. If a link is broken,
use your online research skills to develop an answer. pdf version

1. Name a woman who served as a soldier in the American Revolution.


2. John Adams served our nation in many ways. Name two important things he did.





3. English settlers called these Native Americans the Delaware. But what was their true name?


Some Native Americans gave assistance during the Revolutionary War.
How did the Lenape people support the Colonists?



4. Nathan Hale's last words have far outlived him. What are those words?



5. One patriot signed all four of these important American documents – the Declaration of Independence,
the Treaty of Alliance with France, the Constitution of the United States, and the Treaty of Peace with England.

Who is he?


6. Paul Revere is famous for his horseback ride at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.
What did he do to earn a living for which he is equally famous



Watch the story of Paul Revere Messenger of the Revolution

7. Was George Washington really the first President? Explain.



8. Patrick Henry is known as the "Orator of Liberty".
In one famous speech he said, "... give me liberty or give me...." Give him what? (Listen to his speech)


Bonus: What is an orator? Look it up using an online dictionary.

9. Because he was the president of the Continental Congress, John Hancock was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.
What does the idiom "sign your John Hancock" mean?

Is the popular story of why his signature was so large on the Declaration of Independence, True or False?


10. Which President oversaw construction of the White House? (Use your research skills to learn the answer.)


Who was the first President to live in it?


11. Which state has the most signers of the Declaration of Independence?
Why do you suppose no states west of the Mississippi have signers?



12. During the Revolutionary War, a British Army surgeon wrote the song Yankee Doodle
to poke fun at Colonial soldiers. What was he criticizing?



How many verses does Yankee Doodle have?


13. How did Sybil Ludington help the American Revolution?



14. Benjamin Banneker accomplished several remarkable things. List two.





15. Although he was not a colonist, this Frenchman was important to the winning of the Revolutionary War.
Name him.


16. The British probably saw Samuel Adams as a troublemaker. What group did he organize?


What did they do to protest a tax?



17. How many African Americans served in the Continental Army?


18. Thomas Paine was the voice of the Revolution. Explain.



19. The White House for Kids web site tells a story of a Revolutionary War spy named Lydia.
They forgot to include her last name. What is it? Use your web searching skills to uncover it.



20. Mary Katherine Goddard had several jobs during colonial times. What did the tasks have in common?



Extend your investigations:

Consult this Historic Figures list. Select a person NOT included in this activity. Read about that person.
Write two important facts about the person. Did they see the end of the Revolutionary War?
Do you think they were happy about the outcome? Why or Why not?


Make a timeline of major events leading to the Revolutionary War through the Victory. (spreadsheet) ReadWriteThink - Timeline generator

James Otis | Thomas Paine | Gouverneur Morris | Polly Cooper | A Note for Freedom

Founding Mothers & the Daughters of Liberty activity | Founding Fathers project

* Select a picture at Revolutionary Viewpoints. Study and analyze the picture using the What Do You See Guide.
What were the artists trying to convey?

Embark on an adventure using these challenges:

George Washington Spies

Johnny Tremain Literature Hunt

A Note for Freedom - project based learning

1 house, 5 families, 200 years.

Test your knowledge about the American Revolution PBS The Scarlet Stockings Spy quiz - book by T. Noble
Mystery Object Challenge Political Broadsides - Library of Congress

Electronic field trip - Freedom In America: Some Assembly Required

You're supposed to steep tea in boiling water - LOC
Fever 1793 web activities Make a trading card for a colonist
The Jamestown Chronicles Who was Polly Cooper?
  History Mystery Message

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." ~ Benjamin Franklin
At the signing of the Declaration of Independence

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