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Fever 1793 Internet Hunt created by Cindy O'Hora
Based on the novel by Laurie Halse Anderson

Directions: Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions.
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1. In the opening chapter, Matilda's clothing is described. It is different from the clothes we wear today.
List 4 articles of clothing worn in the 18th century that we no longer regularly wear.
Men's clothes Colonial America




2. Yellow Fever is still a serious health risk today. How is it transmitted ?


How many people died in the Philadelphia Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793?


List two preventative actions that can be taken to control outbreaks of yellow fever.



TAI (Think about it) Name another disease spread by mosquitoes.


3. Poor Matilda. She is beset by an abundance of rules of behavior.
So was George Washington. He had to write down all 110!
Read number 16
. Does it still apply today?


Which of the Rules of Behavior do you think is no longer relevant?


4. Explore the author's web site. Write 4 facts about her.





5. Use the site to learn about the medicines prescribed in the story.

What part of the Jalap plant was used as medicine?


What part of the camomile was used? What does it smell like?



What part of myrrh was utilized? (myrrh baths)


Lots of people drink mint tea today.

Benjamen Rush

6. Dr. Benjamin Rush was an important figure in American history.
Write three facts about him.
(Use your online research skills to find the answer)

7. Matilda had Hoecake for breakfast.

What are the ingredients?


How did it get its name?


Colonists also enjoyed dishes containing passenger pigeons.
Where could you sample passenger pigeon pie today? Why?


8. Name one other illness that has grown to an epidemic in Philadelphia.


When did it occur?

How did smallpox impact the American Revolutionary War?



9. In the story, bells are rung to honor the dead.
What is the most famous bell in Philadelphia?


Write 3 interesting facts about that historic bell.



10. The Cook Coffeehouse was located at High St. and Seventh St..
High Street, in Philadelphia, has a more common name today. What is it?


A pattern was used to name many streets in Colonial Philadelphia. Consider the names of streets in your community.
Describe the pattern of street naming. (Hint: An online map of your communuty could help uncover a pattern of street names.)

11. What is the current name of the place Grandfather was buried?



What monument is located there that makes this place especially appropriate? (Look for it in the tour site)

If you are questioning how I selected this place, read Chapter 20, page 151. Consult the map. A second map


12. Did free blacks help the sick as described in the story?



How did some whites behave after the crisis passed?




13. Name another printer working in Philadelphia at that time.
What is one of his most famous publications?



14. Vocabulary: Write the definitions of the following words: or

a. stout (p19)

b. pummeled (p.33)

c. delectables (p.18)

d. miasma (p19)


1. Do you believe Anderson accurately presented life in Philadelphia in 1793?
Support your answer.


2. Another epidemic hit Philadelphia in 1918. What was the illness?


Name one effective action taken by officials or leaders to deal with the crisis.


Name one ineffective action taken.


3. Embark on this electronic field trip - Freedom In America: Some Assembly Required (Ball State youtube posting) Skip ahead to 5:48 for content

quillWriting activities:

Write a biography of one of the characters. Use your imagination to fill in "facts".
The facts must be consistent with the time and with elements from the story.
Use the resources at Biography Maker.

Write a condolence letter to Matilda. Advice on writing a condolence letter

Make a Story Timeline - tuck in more than 5 historic facts

Research a Founding Mother or Daughter of Liberty

Compare and Contrast family life - 18th Century and Today - Create a computer diagram to complete this project


When was your community founded? Name a founding person for your community.


Take a virtual tour of Historic Philadelphia. Revolutionary Americans Hunt
Disease Detectives interesting exhibit Learn more about Colonial Currency
Interactive map of old Philadelphia Plants and People - plants provide many cures and treatments
Yellow Fever Attacks Philadelphia, 1793 History Facts and Fictions
Look into your Community's History - pbl Facts about the Founding Fathers
Benjamin Franklin Extraordinary - pbl project

Story Character Map computer project

Make a set of Character Trading Cards. - Planning sheet

Make a character trait word cloud

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