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Exploring Native Americans - Internet Activity
When the first Europeans landed on the North American continent, it was already home to over 6 million native peoples for thousands of years.
Learn about some of the First Peoples by completing this activity.
(answer sheet in pdf)

1. Take the virtual tour of "Scenes from the Eastern Woodlands ".
What foods did Eastern Native Americans eat?


2. Describe one way that the traditional clothing of the Plains Indians was different from your clothes.


Describe one way your clothes and their clothes were the same.


3. What kind of housing did the early Nez Perce use?


How do they live now?


4. What was an important tool of the Suquamish Tribe?
What was used to make it? (look in culture)


5. Many tribes followed the Three Sisters Growing method. What is it?


How does it work?


6. What is a Pow Wow?


If you were invited to attend, what might you see?


7. Select a Native American author. Here is a list.
(Hint: Cynthia Leitich Smith / Jake Swamp / Louise Erdrich / Joseph Bruchac / Rabiah Yazzie Seminole)
Write down the title of one of their books. Check to see if your school or community library has any of their books.


8. The US Census Bureau estimates that Native Americans are 2% of the USA's 313,914,040 population in 2016.
According to the 2010 US Census and 2000 US Census, how many Native Americans live in your state?

What percentage of your state's total population are Native Americans?


Native Americans once lived in every part of the USA. Write the names of the Native American tribes of your state.



9. The Seminole Tribe lives in the Southeastern United States.
Utilize this site to write 4 facts about them.


10. Select a tribe listed on Index of Native American History Resources.
Write five facts you learn about them.











11. According to Hidatsa Indian, Buffalo Bird Woman, how did they store food for winter?


12. Explore this online newsletter about Native American Dolls by the National Museum of the American Indian.
Which doll surprises you the most?


In Conclusion:

Write 3 similarities among the tribes you explored in this activity.


Write 3 differences among the tribes you explored in this activity.


Do some research:
Identify a Native American person who has contributed to your community, county or state.

Storytellers - listen to learn

Garrett Yazzie, 13, invents solar heater for his family's home - Junk Yard Genius


 "We did not travel here; we are of this Land. We did not declare our independence.
We have always been free." ~Nez Perce

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