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Database Internet Hunt
This hunt broadens your understanding of one of computing's most powerful tools.

Directions: Click on the numbers (at the bottom of the window) to go to each question. Use the links to find the answers to the questions. Hold down on the back button of your browser. A menu will appear listing the pages you have visited in reverse order. Drag down to select the web page you want to return to.

9. What database feature makes it unnecessary for you to enter the records in any special order?


TAI - (Think about it) Suppose you did not follow the advice you learned in question 6. You created a database for your music collection. You put the title and artist all in one field like this:

album: Dangerously in Love ~ Beyonce Knowles

Can you sort (alphabetize) your collection by artist? __________________

List the individual fields you should have created in your music database so that you could
sort by the last name of each artist.



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