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Database Internet Hunt
This hunt broadens your understanding of one of computing's most powerful tools.

Directions: Click on the numbers (at the bottom of the window) to go to each question. Use the links to find the answers to the questions. Hold down on the back button of your browser. A menu will appear listing the pages you have visited in reverse order. Drag down to select the web page you want to return to.

11. One powerful use of a database is mail merge. To mail merge you need two things.

Name them.


Your club secretary has created a membership database. You decide to send a personalize a letter to the members. There are four places in the letter where you want to merge in the person's name. You discover that the <<name>> field contains: Mr./Mrs. First name Last name. How will this appear in the mail merged form letter? Use your name to fill in the blanks below.

Dear <<name>>____________________________________,

We are working hard to make the club a more personal experience. We are contacting you, <<name>>____________________ to

get your input and ask for assistance. <<name>> _________________________begin by asking yourself, "How can I contribute to this goal?"

We noticed you have not attended the last few meetings, <<name>> ____________________________.

We certainly miss seeing you <<name>> _____________________________ . What activities or speakers would be of interest to you?

Database Maker

Read the note - Sounds silly doesn't it? Certainly, the letter is not at all personal!


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