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March Internet Activity
Learn science, music, social studies, cultural, and just plain fun facts.

Directions: Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. Use the History menu to return to this page. Hold down on History at the top of the web browser. A menu that lists recent pages appears. Select this web page. printer version

1. On March 3, 1913, she organized a Suffrage parade of 8,000 women to march up Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.
Name her.


These women were fighting for ....


How did the crowds react to the peaceful parade of suffragists?


Was this appropriate? (Support your answer)




2. What was the Irish name for a shamrock? _______________________________________


3. On March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry gave a speech about liberty and freedom.
The last sentence is still remembered and quoted today. Finish the quote...

 "I know not what course others may take;



4. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Use this website's resources to find out ...
It is the blue form of what mineral?


How many sides does its crystal have? (thinking or perhaps research may be required)


5. The soothsayer warned Caesar, "Beware the Ides of March".
What is the "Ides of March"?
Research the answer using an Internet search engine.



6. Etexts are books that you can read online. Louisa May Alcott wrote the book Little Women.
It is about the March family. Use the resources at Project Gutenberg to name the four girls in the book.


How common are each of those names among your classmates?



7. The Vernal Equinox happens every March. What is it?




8. In Earth's Northern Hemisphere, Spring begins on March 20 or 21st at 19:55 UT (Universal Time).
What is Universal Time


What is the time zone where you live?


I live in Pennsylvania which observes eastern standard time.
If you came for a visit, what change ( if any) would you have to make to your watch?
Explain your answer.


9. During March, people begin collecting sap for making maple syrup.

How much sap does it take to make one gallon of maple syrup?

(Helpful hint. Use the Find command to scan the text, rather than read the whole page. To do this go Edit ... Find.
Enter a keyword and click Find. The keyword will be highlighted. Edit ... Find again will take you to the next occurrence of the word.


Think about it - What process is used to reduce the sap to syrup? Write/type the correct one on your answer sheet

organization / conglomeration / evaporation / dilution / deviation / clarifying


10. Name the famous children's author born on March 2nd.

Write the title of one of his books that you have enjoyed.


Who is your favorite author?

What is their best book?


11. The official march of the United States is John Philip Sousa's "The Stars and Stripes Forever".
Where was he when the music came to him?


Be sure to listen to it before you continue. Have you heard it before?


13. What happened during General Sherman's March to the Sea?



14. In August 1963, The March on Washington occurred.
A very famous speech was given that day. What was its title?



Who gave the speech?


People give speeches every day. Why is this speech remembered?



Done Already? Practice using these Internet based forms to obtain information.

*Another way to learn: Watch: Simplification 1 & Simplification 2.
Complete the Simplification worksheet.
(Printing required)

MYOP - Write a new problem that would require similar math skills and strategies to solve.

MathFlix is an outstanding website with hundreds of videos that help you understand ideas and problem solving.

* Find a significant event that happened in March. Go to
Use the calendar to go to March, any date and select a subject. Write down one event.

* Science - Observation skill builders - Complete one

"An investment in knowledge always gives the best return" - Benjamin Franklin

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Posted March 2000 Cynthia J. O'Hora updated 2/2023
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