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Books that Shaped America

The US Library of Congress conducts an annual book festival.

In 2012, one focus of the festival was Books that Shaped America.

Use this activity to reflect on the power of the written word.

1. Watch the online video about Books That Shaped America on CSPAN.

2. Examine the list developed by the LOC.

Make a list of the books, which appear on the list, that you have read.

Make a list of the titles, that appear on the list, that you have heard about at some time.

3. Essay - Select from these essay projects. Books That Shaped America LOC list

a. Consider the books you have read. Select one that was particularly meaningful to you.
Perhaps it even shaped your life. If that book is not on the list, write an essay arguing for its inclusion. Argumentative essay writing Owl Online Writing Lab

b. Perhaps there is a book that you think does not merit inclusion on the list.
Write a persuasive essay justifing its removal from the list.

c. Read one of the books on the list. Write an expository essay explaining how it shaped America. Is it still relevant today? Why should it be available in your school or local public library?

d. Read one of the books on the list. Write an essay advocating for adding it or removing it to your school's required reading list.


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