A Christmas Carol Puzzle Based on the story by Charles Dickens
crossword puzzle

4. Final words of tale 1. Young Scrooge's employer
6. Aka chapters 2. Second spirit Christmas...
10. Day most of the story takes place 3. Scrooge tells ghost, "There's more of _____than of grave about you"
12. Number who signed Marley's burial register 5. Scrooge's first name
13. Hour of the first spirit 7. Spirit and ghost synonym
15. Sick child's name 8. This was Marley's business per his ghost
17. Holiday bird 9. Object where Marley made his first appeareance
19. Nephew name 11. Scrooge interjection
20. Why Scrooge likes the dark. It is ... 14. Years that Scrooge's partner had been dead
21. Scrooge's relative 16. Number of Miss Fezziwigs
25. Last name of clerk 18. Game played
  22. Number of Cratchits
Print the puzzle PDF 23. Stuck in pudding
  24. First spirit Christmas ....

How many times can you find "fours" in the story? Hint: counting required!

Created by Cindy O'Hora, released to public domain December 15, 2005.
Peace and blessings of the season to all!