troutlily blooms

Spring Flower Conundrum

It is a lovely April day. Aunt Cindy takes you
into the 5 acre wooded lot she treasures. The sight is indeed breathtaking.
The forest floor is carpeted with blooming wildflowers.

trout lilles on forest floor
Click on the photo to see a close up view.

trout lily
Click on the photo to see a close up view.

Aunt Cindy says, "There must be hundreds, no thousands of them. Isn't it glorious?"

She explains that the wildflower plants are called Trout lilies.

You agree with her that this is an amazing sight. Her comment gets you thinking.
How many flowers are there?

You begin brainstorming how to solve this puzzle.

Suggest a solution. How can she calculate how many trout lilies cover her forest's floor?


The environment is not tailored to man; it is itself, for itself. All its creatures fit in.
They know how from ages past. Man fits in or fights it. Fitting in, living in it,
carries challenge, exhilaration, peace. — Mardy Murie


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Posted 5/2009 Cynthia O'Hora.