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based on the novel Sing Down the Moon by Scott O'Dell

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1. The people in the story live near a Mesa. What is a mesa?


2. O'Dell tells of the piñon trees shaking off
What kind of tree is a piñon? Evergreen or Deciduous?

How do people use it?


3.This is a story of the Navajo people.

Write three facts about their culture or lives.




4. Bright Morning and her family are forced to walk to Fort Sumner.
In what state is it located?


How far did the soldiers force some people to walk?



What is the longest distance you remember walking?

5. Dine or Navajo people built hooghans. Why does the entrance face east?.



Contrast your home with this Canyon de Chelly 200 year old Hooghan.
(Reminder - Contrast means to identify the differences.)


6. When a Navajo baby is born, whose clan does it belong to? Is it the mother's clan or the father's clan?


If you were born Navajo, your cousins would be considered your .....



7. Are the events in the story fact or fiction?



8. The churring song of an owl is mentioned at the end of chapter 7.
Which owl do you think it was? Review the facts about these owls.
Consider habitat, range, & sound they make. Come to a conclusion.




8. Did the Navajos, in the tale, practice the Three Sisters method of planting? Describe it.



9. Where did Scott O'Dell get his ideas for his stories?

navajo circle Challenges:

If you could travel to Canyon De Chelly, what would you like to see?


Sing Down the Moon Crossword Puzzle

Make a diagram comparing & contrasting the Indians of your region to the Diné People.

Outstanding Native Americans | Explore Native Americans | Issues for Native Americans - pbl

Songs from the Loom: A Navajo Girl Learns to Weave Activity (We Are Still Here: Native Americans Today) by Monty Roessel

Garrett Yazzie, 13, invents solar heater for his family's home | Junk Yard Genius

Learn about the Navajo Code Talkers and the critical role they played in WWII.

Explore Canyon De Chelly through photographs | HOGAN: Diné (Navajo) Traditional House

Dine weaving | Identity by Design native american women clothing videocasts

Native Americans Today: Resources and Activities for Educators book online

Character Traits Word Cloud Project



You are going to write a novel based on your community.
List the places, the people, the unique geography, and the local historic events that you might include in your story.



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