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hourglassThe Outcasts Internet Exploration
based on The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place by E.L. Konigsburg

Directions: Use your Internet research skills to answer these questions that are based on elements of the story.

1. Consider the settings. Do any of them really exist?


2. Contrast the activities offered at Camp Talequa with those provided at Camp Lindenmere. (Reminder: Contrast means find the differences)


Based on your findings, which would you choose for your sibling or a friend? Explain


3. Loretta Bevilaqua tells Margaret Rose about a work of art called Running Fence.
She said it was created by an artist named Christo.
Check this out. Was there really such an artist?


Was the work genuine?


Has the artist made other unusual works of art?


4. Vocabulary Use an online dictionary, thesaurus or other resource to complete the following.

a. Define - substantial.


b. The rose's picture was described as succulent. Name one other thing in the story that could be described as succulent.


c. Identify two things (not mentioned in the story) that oscillate.


d. What would you say it behooves you to do at school?


e. What happens if the members of a group do not resonate?


One might say that all but one of the campers in the Meadowlark cabin resonated.
Is resonance always positive? Explain


f. Identify the character(s) in the story that could be described as malcontent.


5. Margaret Rose occupies Tower Two in an effort to save it.
Name another woman who used a similar strategy to save a tree she felt was special.
How long did she occupy it?

Was she successful?


6. Through the story you learn that Tennyson wrote, "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."
What is the title of the work that includes that line of verse?


What is the poem about?


7. Margaret Rose sings God save the Queen. Read the lyrics.
Who, in the story, is the author referring to?


8. According to E.L. Konigsburg "Before you can be anything ..." Finish the quote.


Did Margaret Rose find it?


9. Assess the situation. How many of the author's books are currently available in your school or community library?
(Before you start walking to the library, find out if it provides its catalogue online.)


You are considering reading another book by the author.
Which online resources might be helpful in selecting one?


Margaret Rose describes taking control of going to camp by researching and selecting the camp herself.
Give three criteria you would use to decide which book to read.


10. When Margaret Rose goes to City Hall the receptionist gives her a hard time.
Margaret Rose reminds her that council meeting minutes are a public record.
What is the law called that gives citizens the right to view most government documents and to attend most government meetings?


11. The Anglophile Language Arts teacher requires her students to learn God Save the Queen.
Name two songs that people, who are seeking citizenship in the United States, should learn.
Explain your choices.



12. Name a famous clock tower. How far is it from your home? (Employ your estimation skills)


13. In the United States there are 4 commonwealths. Do you reside in a commonwealth?



"The only thing more destructive than someone who thinks his idea is the only possible correct one
is a group of people who all think they and only they have the right answer." Peter Vanderwaal


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