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hourglassPrefix Game - An, A
based on The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place by E.L. Konigsburg

Directions: Use your Internet based and print based research skills to help you play the game, too.

In Chapter four, Margaret Rose and her Grand Uncle Alex play a game with words that begin with the prefix an. Anobedient, anonymous, anorexia, anemia, Anne Boleyn.

The prefix an- is from Greek it means: no, absence of, without, lack of, or not.1

An- is used frequently in medical terms. For example: anencephaly means without a brain and
anesthesia means a total or partial loss of the sense of pain, temperature, or touch.

Join the game and expand the collection of a- & an- words. Go for at least 10.
(Hint: which of these word resources will be most useful to you? A thesaurus, an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an index, a directory) Use each word you write in a sentence.

Challenge yourself by creating sentences that relate to the story.


Invent an "an" word that relates to your life. What does it mean?



"What you take away is as important as what you leave and
what you take away makes what you leave more important." Alexander Rose

1. Robertson's Words for a Modern Age: A Dictionary of Latin and Greek Words used in Modern English Vocabulary

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posted May 2007 Cynthia J. O'Hora Updated June 2013.
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