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1. On May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard, Jr. became the first American to do something
that has made him a national hero. What did he do?
Research the answer.



2. What is the Congressional Medal of Honor?


Consider adopting a Medal of Honor Recipient.

How many live in our county?

How many live in your state?



3. On the last Monday in May, we celebrate Memorial Day.
Which war's soldiers did the holiday originally honor?


Who do we honor each Memorial Day now?



How does your community recognize the day? Select a way to observe Memorial Day.




4. If you attend a Memorial Day ceremony you will probably hear the song "Taps" played.
How was that song used when it was first written?




5. Some folks think kids today do not know much about the official national anthem of the United States.
On the contrary....

The title:


Who wrote it?


How many verses are there?


Describe the events surrounding it being written.


What should you do when it is played?


Sing it as a group on the last day of classes, before Memorial Day.

Use your online research skills to find the answers.

6. Learn about Arlington National Cemetery through their web site. (Find the web site online)

Where is the cemetery located?


Who owned this land before it became a cemetery?


What is the "The Old Guard"?


What is their role at Arlington National Cemetery?



7. Anna Jarvis worked very hard to get an official Mother's Day holiday.
After she was successful, how did she feel about how the holiday was recognized?



8. Define these terms:

"The Common Good"


The Rule of law


Checks and balances

Popular sovereignty

Separation of powers


9. On May 9, 1913, the 17th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified.
What change(s) did it bring? Has this been a positive change?



10. How many U.S. casualties of the Iraq War and Afghanistan War were from your state?


11. Who is awarded a Purple Heart? The Purple Heart enrichment


Challenge yourself

Identify a memorial in your community or region. Write a five paragraph expository essay about it.


"Even though your body was never recovered, there is a marker in our hometown cemetery
so people can remember. Your brother and sister put it there, but I'm the one that now looks at it,
cares for it and wonders. Wonders how life might have been altered
and enriched had I grown up with my Uncle Harlin." Susan Johnson
, PBS Memorial Day Project


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