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April Morning Internet Hunt
Based on the novel April Morning by Howard Fast

Directions: Click on the link to go to a web site with the answer to the question. Once you find it, use the Go Menu, of your browser, to return to this web page.

1. The author, Howard Fast, wrote many books set during the time of the American Revolution.
What happened to him in 1950?


2. Vocabulary - Use this online dictionary to find the meaning of the following words:







3. Find a synonym for:





4. This book is set in colonial Massachusetts. Is there really a Menotomy, MA.?
Research the answer on the Internet.



5. The story is told as a first person recollection of the events of the day. Here is another account.
How do the two recollections compare?


Write two similarities.


Write two disparities.


6. In the tale, Adam recalls playing a game called Pontiac. It was named after a Native American.
Write three facts about Chief Pontiac.




7. Adam mentions Buckman's Tavern several times. What were the roles of taverns in the 1800's?



Consider the lunch menu at the King's Arms Tavern. Which dish would you choose to eat?


8. Two famous patriots are mentioned in the story: John Hancock and Samuel Adams.
What are each of them famous for doing?






9. Like Adam's father, Sybil Ludington acted to support liberty. Explain.




10. What happened to the midnight riders who warned the people the British were coming?




11. Examine this article about daily life during Colonial times.
What were the roles of women?



Extend your thinking:

Are the facts straight? This is a work of historical fiction. It is based on actual events.
Use this map resource at the Library of Congress to determine just how accurate it is. Identify
the route taken by the British that was described in the story. Left Charlestown, crossed the Charles River,
on to Cambridge, then on to Menotomy.



Minute man Done Already?

* Write a Letter to a Character

* Explore the Minute Man National Historic Park.
How many times have they rebuilt the North Bridge?


* School House Rock Shot Heard Round the World America Rock (YouTube)

* Watch: Timeline Introduction to Benjamin Banneker | (Benjamin Banneker: Quick Facts @ MathFLIX)

Make a timeline for one of the historic figures mentioned in the story.


* You are to write a historical fiction story about your town.
List three local landmarks you would include in the story to add authenticity.

* Evaluate - Was it Paul Revere who rode into Adam's town to raise the alarm? "Paul Revere's Ride" by Longfellow

* Select a picture at Revolutionary Viewpoints. Study and analyze one picture using the What Do You See Guide.
What were the artists trying to convey?


* "I have never known a man whose love of country was more ardent or sincere.." John Adams.
Who was James Otis? What role did he play in founding the Republic?


*Make a set of Character Trading Cards. - Planning sheet

Watch The Road to Revolution

Colonial & Revolutionary People

A Note for Freedom - Bell activity Founding Mothers & Daughters of Liberty
The story of Polly Cooper, the Oneida People and Valley Forge Revolutionary War Spies Project
Explore the painting Washington Crossing the Delaware. Thomas Paine's Mighty Pen
History Mystery Message Thomas Paine web site
Civics & History resources Ben Franklin Extraordinary
Revolutionary Women History Facts or Fictions pbl

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