magnifying glass Mirror Mystery

Can you explain this oddity?

Small details can be the important clues that lead the investigator to the answer to a question.

I photographed this bathroom mirror early one June morning. The heat was turned off in the bathroom.
It was chilly in the bathroom. I opened the door to the garage. This door is next to the bathroom.
When I came back in from the garage, I noticed the mirror. No one had used the bathroom since the
afternoon of the previous day.

I wrote the word on the mirror just before I took the photo.


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1. Write your observations


2. Imagine - If you were standing there investigating:

What tools (instruments) would help you to gather critical data?


3. Take a guess (form a hypothesis) what happened here?


4. Predict - Will this happen again tomorrow? Explain.


“Our environment, the world in which we live and work,
is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.” Earl Nightingale

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