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70+ Graphic Organizers | Power Teaching - highly engaged students, resources totally free. Videos amazing

Arts Alive : Dance | Music | Theatre

Cultural Amnesia Clive James

The Science of Music | To do - Winter Song Photo Story

Winter Scene Writing | Descriptive writing using a work of art by Coppedge

People's Response to Music Played in Public Spaces

Write a song of state facts

Art Authentication - Nova Science Now Video online

Science of Music - Exploratorium projects and exhibits

Patriotic Song digital Project

How To: Teach the Sea from the Land - Lessons that mix Art, science & writing new

ArtsEdge - The Kennedy Center " resources | Mystery Photo project

The Art Story

Open University is a part of the iTunes Store featuring free lectures, language lessons, audiobooks, and more, that you can enjoy on your iPod, iPhone, Mac or PC. Explore over 50,000 educational audio and video files from top universities, museums and public media organizations from around the world.

Where's Waldo


Mary Cassatt

Leonardo Da Vinci

Inside Art: An Art History game

Georgia O'Keefe

Descriptive Writing using a work of Art F. Coppedge

Explore the painting Washington Crossing the Delaware.

Words from Art and Illustrations

Pennsylvania Artists Activity

Thomas Eakins - Scenes from Modern Life

Fine Arts - stories from PA History American Gothic

Trumbull - Declaration of Independence at US Capitol Rotunda

Clouds in Art

Art 21 Rockwell Museum teacher's packets
Turbulent Landscapes Remington Museum
Leonard Bernstein Ansel Adams


PreSchool Express - Music & Rhyme Station

Music Education Links at Phil's place

Jazz: A History of America's Music

Leonard Bernstein st LOC

Dallas Symphony Orchestra - flash site

Jazz in Pennsylvania

I Hear America Singing--History of American music

Aaron Copland Collection

Johann Strauss Jr.

Woody Guthrie folk song

Music Notes music experience

Omaha Indian Music Free On-Line Piano Lessons
Pennsylvania Musicians Activity Doing Things My Own Way
The Ukulele Is No Toy SAT: Why Memorize What You Can Rock?

Dance:NA KAMALEI: The Men of Hula - a remarkable journey The ballet.comHistory of DanceSwan Lake - American Ballet TheatreMove Your Body - the Hula electronic field trip

back to topTheatre:Reader’s Theater Editions - free scripts for reader’s theater multicultural A Raisin in the Sun Story


Palmer Museum at PSU

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Susquehanna Art Museum

The National Museum of Women in the Art

Samek Art Gallery

The Art Institute of Chicago

Brandywine River Museum

The Guggenheim Museum

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Lourve Museum of Art

Rodin Museum

Smithsonian Institution

Andy Warhol Museum

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Web Gallery of Art ArtsEdge resources at Kennedy Center
Metropolitan Museum of Art Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Guggenheim Museum Everything Art at SI
Making a Pop-Up Glen Echo Everhart Museum, Nay Aug Park, Scranton lots of resources


Ansel Adams

Wendy Ewald

Matthew Brady - photographic resource

Science Service Historical Image Collection Photographing Geometry lesson
The Great Depression and the Arts - lessons ask students to make inferences & to develop historical perspectives based upon evidence Digital Library at Penn State hundreds of documents, images and books free & online
Bird's Eye Photographer Nickel and Dimed - The American Ruling Class
Six Trix for better Pixs Photographic Artist Chris Jordan
Edward S. Custis The North American Indian Thomas Edison Companies
Origin of Animation LOC The Art of the Conceptual Photograph 1915 – 1920
Photography Art Mystery - Investigate the story new Images as Messages new

Lesson Plans:

Technolongy Integrated Curriculum 100s of ideas!

Learning through the Arts

The Magic of Animation integrating technology

No More Refrigerator Art!

The Digitized Art Exhibit!

Political Cartoons in the Classroom

Pop Portraits

Fine Arts Web

QuestsKinderArt-Art Lessons - free art lessons

Busy Teachers' Website


Art & Design at SI

Baltimore Curriculum Project

Lesson Plans K - 5

PA Governor's School for the Arts

Eyes on Art Select from among five activities that progressively challenge students' ability to look carefully at the visual arts.

Edsitement Marcopolo the best of the Hunanities on the web

Free an innovative online resource for teachers, students, parents and the literacy community new

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“Education is the only business still debating the usefulness of technology.
Schools remain unchanged for the most part, despite numerous reforms
and increased investments in computers and networks.” Rod Paige, U.S. Secretary of Education

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