cash Government Spending - Charity Begins at Home

"In 1971, Congress created a program to channel federal contracts to charities that train and employ workers
who are blind or have severe disabilities." Expose´

Federal Randolph-Sheppard (RS) and Javits-Wagner-O’Day (JWOD) programs - Scandal info

"Since 1971, the government has supported a program to channel federal funds to non-profits that train and employ workers who are blind or severely disabled. Known as JWOD (named after the law that created it, the Javits-Wagner-O'Day act), the program eventually came to have an over $2 billion dollar budget."

Jobs program investigation - articles

Inquiry of Texas charity widens The Oregonian August 2007

Examine the issues:

Should the government be involved in programs like this?

If the government should have this program, how should it be run?

What checks should be in place?


Mr. Jones argues that what he is doing is "the American way".

Do you agree with him or disagree? Why?


Should individuals with a history of corruption, have access to Federal programs like the Javits-Wagner-O'Day act?


What do you believe should happen to Bob Jones?


Should trade groups like, nish, be the government watchdogs for government programs?


Are there other examples of people using charities to enrich themselves at the expense of the mission of the charity and/or the American taxpayer?


How would putting a sunset policy in government programs help to address this problem?



Taxpayers pay a higher price when work goes to nonprofits, which critics say have an unfair advantage

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