Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania

Variables for consideration

Scientists use mathematics to explore ideas and to obtain data.

Carefully observe the video at MathDude - Graphic Representations & variables. Hey, it is funny. I promise!

1. What are some variables that could be measured about milkweed plants?


2. Which of the variables are independent and which are dependent?


Repeat this process for caterpillars or butterflies.


3. You are planning a school habitat garden. You have a limited budget. It is important to select plants that attract butterflies. You are going to compare 4 different plant species. What variables should you consider?


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Habitat Garden Project

Pennsylvania Science Anchors S.A.2. Processes, Procedures, and Tools of Scientific Investigations

Milkweed plant

Science Journal | Watering Spreadsheet | Observation

Measure surface area of milkweed leaf

Measuring Milkweeds

Watch Green Thumbs video - future channel
Conduct the experiment. What are your findings?

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