National Parks A-Z Internet Scavenger Hunt
When I started to make this hunt I had no idea how many national parks and historic sites our country had.
I was pleased to discover they are a vast and diverse resource available to us all. This hunt stops at some
famous and many not so famous, but special places.
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Directions: Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. If a link is broken, use your online research skills to find the needed information.

1. Acadia National Park is located in what state? List two habitats found in the park.


2. At which national park would you expect to find "hoodoos"?

What are hoodoos?


3. If you visited Carlsbad Caverns National Park, what mammal would you likely see?


4. Death Valley National Park boasts the lowest point below sea level in the western hemisphere at -282 feet.
If you planned to travel there in July, how hot should you expect it to get?



5. Everglades National Park is a great park to visit to see different reptiles.
How many different kinds of reptiles might you see there?



6. Ford's Theatre National Historic Site is preserved by the National Parks System because
something important occurred there. What happened?



7. At Glacier National Park you can travel "Going-to-the-Sun Road". List three things you
would see. (It may take a few moments for the images to appear. Be patient!)



8. Hawaiì Volcanoes National Park boasts 2 volcanoes. Name them.



List two dangers of lava viewing. Safety



9. What symbol of freedom can you see at Independence National Historical Park?



10. Joshua Tree National Park is the home of desert growing Joshua trees.
Name three other species that can be found in the park.


National Parks A-Z Hunt: Parks A - J / Parks K - R / Parks S - Z

"While my interest in natural history has added very little to my sum of achievement,
it has added immeasurably to my sum of enjoyment in life." Theodore Roosevelt

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