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Compare and Contrast family life - 18th Century and Today
Based on the novel Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson

The novel paints a picture of family life in America in 1793.
These resources extend the picture -

American Centuries...view from New England (Memorial Hall Museum Online)

Colonial Williamsburg | Mount Vernon | The Monticello Classroom

1. Review the Comparison and Contrast Guide @ ReadWriteThink - online activity through "Evaluating".

2. Compare and Contrast family life in the United States, just after the Revolutionary War, with your family's life today.

Create a computer diagram to complete this project









Possessions/ personal objects




Write a 5 paragraph essay...

When would you prefer to live? Why?

quill Fever 1793 Writing Activities:

Write a biography of one of the characters. Use your imagination to fill in "facts". Your facts must be consistent with the time and with facts from the story.
Use the resources at Biography Maker to develop the Biography .

Write a condolence letter to Matilda. | Write a personal letter to Matilda

Make a crossword puzzle using vocabulary from the novel

Make a Story Timeline - tuck in 5 historic facts | Making Book Trailers with Photo Story 3 free software and free tutorial

Research an infectious disease. | Weather observation exercise

Research an American Athena, a Founding Mother or Daughter of Liberty


The Great Fever Facts about the Founding Fathers
Story Character Map computer project Learn more about Colonial Currency
Interactive map of old Philadelphia Plants and People - plants provide many cures and treatments
Yellow Fever Attacks Philadelphia, 1793 History Facts and Fictions
Benjamin Franklin Extraordinary - pbl project  

Did you know? July 2, 1776, New Jersey gave "all inhabitants" of adult age with a net worth of 50 pounds the right to vote.
Women property holders have the vote until 1807, when the state limited the vote to "free, white males."

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