Dolphins at Daybreak Biome Compare/Contrast Activity
Based on the book in the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne

1. Review the Comparison and Contrast Guide @ ReadWriteThink - online activity through "Evaluating".

Tip: To work your way through click the right pointing arrow after reading each page. right arrow

To Compare means:

To Contrast means:


2. Deepen your understanding of Biomes using the Biomes & Ecosystems web site.
Pay particular attention to the ocean biome and the biome where your home is located.


3. Download/print the Compare and Contrast graphic organizer from ReadWriteThink.


4. Use the organizer to Compare and Contrast your home biome with the ocean biome.



Super techies: Perhaps you can complete this activity using the computer to enter the info and keep the organizer's basic format. Go for it.

Make a digital document that replicates the basic format of the doc.
shown at the left. Complete the exercise, saving frequently.

Submit the document either by printing it or emailing/drop boxing a pdf or the edocument itself.
(Stuff happens: Always keep a copy of your finished project.)


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