dolphins swimming

Dolphins at Daybreak Puzzle
Based on the book Dolphins at Daybreak by Mary Pope Osborne.
(part of the Magic Tree House series)

Print the puzzle. All the answers are in the book or in your head!

dolphin puzzle

01. Solve riddles to become master ... 02. Mini-sub controlled by these
05. How they escape sinking sub 03. Underwater vehicle
07. Has eight arms and huge eyes 04. What Jack writes facts in
09. Octopus defense 05. Kids kept these dry
10. Scientists who study oceans 06. Tool for learning
11. Boy in the book 08. This is a starfish
14. Tallest tree in woods 12. Girl in book
15. Annie gives dolphin this 13. Shark the kids see
16. Where kids go at the end of story 14. Answer to riddle
18. Diary of ocean trip 17. Sukie and Sam
19. Built of animal skeletons 20. What Jack held on to for dolphin ride
20. Where they live
21. Three feet wide shell Try my Dolphins at Daybeak Internet Hunt


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