Dolphins at Daybreak Internet Hunt by Cindy O'Hora
Based on the book in the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne

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1. Mary Pope Osborne is the author of this book.
How many Magic Tree House books has she written?


Do the Math:

Dolphins at Daybreak is her 9th book in this series.
How many books has she written since she wrote this dolphin one?


Each book costs $3.99. If your parents purchased the whole collection, how much would it cost?



2. Jack and Annie live in Pennsylvania. Use the map to find out - which state is located north of Pennsylvania?


Pennsylvania is located in the Middle Atlantic region of the US.
Name the region
where your state is located.


3. Look at the long list - ABC's of Character Traits.

Write 5 character traits for either Jack or Annie.



fishy The children see many sea creatures during their adventure. Jack finds a fact about some of them in the Ocean Guide.
Use these links to find another fact for each creature in the story.

4. Seahorse






Sting ray


Hammerhead Shark








5. The tree house is in the tallest oak tree in the Frog Creek woods.
How tall is the Northern Red Oak at Cook Forest State Park in Pennsylvania?

(Hint: Look in the lists in the bottom half of the web page)


How tall are you?


What is the difference between your height and the height of the Red Oak at Cook Forest State Park?



6. Jack and Annie take the mini-sub without permission.
Was this a good idea or not? Explain.

Some helpful connecting words for persuasive essays.



* Make a fact filled pamphlet about one of the organisms in the story or another ocean creature you choose.

* Compare and Contrast the ocean biome with the one where you live.

*Make a set of Character Trading Cards. - Planning sheet

* Make a character trait word cloud
fishAre you finished already? Dive into some fun activities!

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