Native Americans
a Problem-Based Learning Project about Native American Issues

Examples of Presentation Projects:

A set pamphlets about each issue

A video explaining your chosen issue and a solution

A live presentation (at least 10 min) about an issue.

Computer based presentation like Hyperstudio, slide show, iMovie

A research paper where each group member writes 1 section.

Report cards for each issue the group considered

Posters on each issue (Make a poster using Excel - teachertube)

An advocacy web site

A podcast with interviews that discuss the issue


1. Give facts

2. Give your choice

3. Explain your choice

4. Offer a solution to the problem

5. Take credit and give credit

APA Citations | MLA Citations

BibBuilder 1.3 (Free MLA-Style Bibliography Builder)

EasyBib - free bibliography & citation maker

Web Development tutorials

Native Americans Comparison & Contrast Diagram Project

Main problem page

What you know

What you do not know

Worksheet example

Project examples

Problem-based learning

"Behold the turtle for he does not move forward without sticking out his neck." PBL site

Rubric Template at Bernie Dodge site

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