Native Americans

a Problem-Based Learning Project about Native American Issues

Step 2 - What do you need to find out about the issues?

(Working in a group? Put the initials of the person assigned to find the fact/info)

List issues to be researched

List some issues that you think many Native Americans have in common.

Name issue(s) particular to your community

What info about individual issues will be important to choosing one for your school's project?

As you collect facts rate each one's value to your school's web project. Is this fact a pro or a con?

Go get the facts. Each team member should be looking up one issue and getting similar important facts. It might help organization if you made a worksheet with all the facts to find in a list. Distribute the worksheet to each member. Remember to write down who is looking for what.

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What you know

What you do not know

Worksheet example

Project examples

Problem-based Learning

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