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My Side of the Mountain Internet Hunt
Based on the novel My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craig George

Directions: Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. Use Go or History, in the
menu bar of your browser, (look at the top of your screen, above the browser window) to
return to this page. Notice how it lists all the pages you have visited backwards. Use Go or History to
jump back many pages without having to repeatedly click the Back button. pdf version

1. Sam raids a peregrine falcon nest to get Frightful. What is a falcon nesting site called?


2. Visit the biome site "What's it Like Where You live?"
Click on the Temperate Forest. Follow the forest animal link.
Write a fascinating fact for each of these animals from the book.


Gray Squirrel

White-Tailed Deer

3. Sam lives in a hemlock tree. Are hemlocks deciduous or coniferous?


Go to What Tree is It? and click on the Eastern Hemlock link.

Contrast the Hemlock with a deciduous tree like the Common Pear. Write two differences.


4. Sam tells about all the chatter from the chickadees he names after neighbors at his city
home. Click on the link to hear the chickadee and nuthatch songs.

Name another bird whose song you have heard.

5. Why did Ms. George write My Side of the Mountain?




6. Sam eats many different plants to survive.
Write which part is edible. (If you are not sure what edible means - Look it up.)

Cattail -


Jack-in-the Pulpit


Dandelion -

Write 2 of the rules of edible flowers.


Name three plants you consume. Which is your favorite one?


7. What stone can you use to start a fire, if you cannot find flint?


8. Sam tells about finding puffballs in the forest. How do spores escape puffballs?


9. Barometer is what Sam called a nuthatch that hurries home when bad weather is on the
way. What is a barometer? (Barometer at Kiddle)


Why is this a good name for the bird?


10. Bando calls Sam, Thoreau. Why did he call him that?


11. Check out a kid's review of the book. I read this review........

Do you agree?


Why? or Why not?


12. Sam makes tea using sassafras. What is special about this tree's leaves? Trees of Virginia page 79


13. What does the Baron eat?


Is Baron the predator or the prey? (Underline the correct word.)

14. Sam begins to feel sick because he did not get enough Vitamin C. What might he have
eaten to prevent this?


Use you online research skills to learn of some foods that contain Vitamin C.
What do you eat that has Vitamin C in it?

15. Author Search. Go to Enter the author's name in the search
box. Be sure to choose Books in the Pop down menu.

a. Write the title and cost of two other books she has written.

b. Real Life Math: How much would it cost if you bought them both? Shipping is $3.99 for the
first book and $1 for each additional one. Don't worry about sales tax.

c. Estimate - How much would it cost to purchase a new, paperback copy
of My Side of the Mountain for each member of your class or family?

leaf Done Already?

Secret life of trees

For Sam this was a grand adventure.
Explore this site about running away. What are the dangers of running away?



Write a letter to Sam's parents telling them what he has been doing.

Try this tree compare/contrast activity

Do the My Side of the Mountain Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Activity

Explore Plants and People | Try the Tree Internet Hunt | Finish the Plants Activity

Delve into this falcon web site. Use your online research skills to learn where
falcons are nesting in your state or community.


* The Compass Activity Page

* Make a barometer. Document your observations for 5 days. Make an Aneroid Barometer

* Make a Book Trailer with Photo Story 3 free software and free tutorial

* Leaf Classification

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