Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy Essays
based on the book by Gary D. Schmidt

Select at least one essay

1. Turner has a painful beginning in his new home.
What is it like to be new in a town, in a school or on a team/club?


2. Lizzie Bright and her grandfather live on Malaga Island off the coast of Maine.
Imagine you live on an island. How would your life be different?


3. Have you ever wished the world would swallow you whole like Turner did?
Describe the situation and how you feel about it now.


4. Mrs. Elia Hurd asks Turner, "When you look through that number at the end of your name,
does it seem like you're looking through prison bars?"
How does the author convey Turner's feelings
about being the minister's son?


5. Author Gary Schmidt makes strong use of imagery along with descriptions based on senses to breath life into the story.
How did he engage your five senses?


6. Mrs Cobb gives a great deal of thought to her last words. She believed that this profound statement was how
she would be remembered. Reverend Buckminster's last words were profound.
What were his words and why should they be remembered?


7. Identify a person who has been remembered by their "famous last words".
Who were they and why are their words remembered?


8. In the story, Turner repeatedly envisions "lighting out for the Territories".
Where were the Territories during the time this story takes place?
Which one would Turner have chosen to light out to?


9. Personal Narrative essay - helping an injured or sick person

"Turner knew that everything in the world rejoices in the touch and everything in the world laments in the losing."

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