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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Internet Hunt
Based on the novel by by J.K. Rowling
Internet Scavenger Hunt by Cindy & Jen O'Hora

Directions: Use the colored links provided to find the answers to the questions. Use the Go menu to jump past several pages just viewed to return to this hunt one. Sometimes when you visit a web site a second (popup) window opens.
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1. Sirius, Harry's godfather, can change into a dog. What does Sirius mean?


2. Professor Lupin can change into a werewolf. His nickname is Moony.
Why do you think that is his nickname?



3. Hermione's hourglass helped her travel through time. In the 16th century, sailors used hourglasses on ships.
How long did a large hourglass last?


Calculate: How many times a day would they have to turn the hour glass?


4. An animagus is a person who can change into an animal.
Name a series of books about kids who can change into animals.



5. The author of Harry Potter books is J. K Rowling. What do her initials stand for?



6. In the story, the dementors are the guards at the Askaban Prison. What does the word dement mean?
Use Merriam-Webster Online to learn the answer.


7. Imagine you go to Hogsmeade and visit Honeydukes. You buy a bag of Every Flavor Beans.
The clerk says there are 4 beans of each flavor in the bag.

How many beans are in the bag?


The bag costs 38 sickles. How much is each bean? Do the math!



What percentage of the total flavors sound appealing to you?


8. Filch is the name of the school's caretaker. Check out these synonyms for the word filch.
Do you think the word applies to this character? Support your answer.



9. The boggart really scares Harry. What other children's author wrote a story with a boggart?


10. Professor Trelawney uses a crystal ball to predict the future. What mineral is used to make crystal balls?



11. Tame the problema words. Newt Dumblesnitch can do it. So can you.



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"Never trust anything that can think for itself,
if you can't see where it keeps its brain." Mr. Arthur Weasley

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