December Facts Hunt
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1. Born December 5th, his "Mousterpieces" include "Steamboat Willie" and "Snow White".
Who is he?

List one interesting fact about him.



2. Mr. Wright made an important entry in his diary about his activities on December 17, 1903.
Read it. What is he describing?


3. List three things to do if you are really lost.










4. By December 15, 1791, 3/4ths of the states had ratified the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
What do we call these amendments?


Write one of these amendments, in your own words.



Find the answer using an Internet search engine.

5. December 26th is Boxing Day in some countries. What happens there on Boxing Day?



6. December 27th is the birthday of a man whose work has saved many lives.
He discovered vaccination and pasteurization.
He showed that germs are everywhere. What is his name?


What common beverage is pasteurized? Why?


7. Alfred Nobel died in December 1896. List two of his accomplishments.






8. Benjamin Franklin was the author and publisher of Poor Richard's Almanack. The first copy was published in 1733.
He offered many famous sayings in his booklets. What did he write happens if you lay down with dogs?



Think about it. He is not really talking about dogs. What does that saying mean?




9. On the second Sunday of December, hundreds of people gather beneath this living memorial.
Write three facts about the tradition and/or the memorial.



What is the species of the biggest evergreen tree in your state? National Register of Big Trees


10. For over 100 years, volunteer Citizen Scientists have been doing something challenging each December.

What is it?


11. In December, Canada enters the winter season. What season is it in Argentina?


Which will occur in December: an equinox or a solstice? _______________________________________


12. He was born December 26, 1791. The tool you are using to do this activity has its roots in his work.
Name him. What did he invent?




Name one Nobel Laureate who was awarded the prize this year. Which prize did the person win? Use your online research skills to find the answer.



Food for thought. Name a student in your class or your school who deserves a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize.
What characteristics of that person, lead you to this conclusion?



"Who controls the past commands the future. Who commands the future conquers the past." - George Orwell

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