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Computer Scavenger Hunt 2
Completing this computer hunt could make you more knowledgeable about the computer than your teacher. Go for it!
Use the links to go to a site that has the answer. If a link is broken, use your online research skills to ascertain the answer.
Use your Go menu to return to this page for the next question.

1. List the 4 NETS for better Internet searching.









2. List 3 synonyms for the Internet.



3. Why is bandwidth important to Internet users? Do the Interactivity Exercise to find out.
Write as a fraction the comparison between the downloading times of a 50kbs text file and the 900kbs car image file
using a 28.8kbs modem.




4. Search engines maintain massive databases of the WWW.
What is a database?




5. Give three examples of common paper databases.




6. What is spyware? What does it do? How does a computer user often get it in their computer?




7. Yahoo is an Internet directory. Scan this tutorial. How is it organized?



When is a directory helpful?

8. A specialized search engine is a great asset when hunting for a particular thing on the web.
Here is a directory of some.

List two engines for finding images:



List one for finding info on states or counties.


Which would locate an online version of a book written by Dickens or Franklin?


Which would be best for finding out who won the recent election?


9. What is a domain name? (A second explanation)



10. Suppose you are doing a research project about NFL football. You harness a search engine.
You enter football and get tons of hits about soccer.
How can you search the WWW for info on football excluding sites/pages on soccer?



11. In a building, a firewall prevents the spread of fire within the structure.
They often surround staircases with a firewall to protect the escape route. Savvy computer users on networks also have firewalls.
What is a computer firewall? (Look it up)



12. You want to connect to a site you have bookmarked. But instead you get a 404 message.
Enter two reasons for getting the message.






13. What can you try, before leaving the site, to try to relocate your page?



14. FYI - Do you have a computer acronym you would like to understand? Find it at The Acronym Database
What do the following acronyms mean?



IM -


15. Why should you "Post to be Private" in social networking sites?




16. Look into this powerful idea:
You would not leave a faucet running constantly in the off chance you need to wash your hands.
You should not leave your computer running, either. Consider the costs of leaving a computer on all the time. The cost of electricity

How Much Juice Is Your Computer Using at Night? | Greening your computer usage

“PCs are not hurt by turning them on and off a few times a day,” said Jonathan Koomey, a project scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. “Economic obsolescence is much more dangerous to PCs than turning them on and off.”

What do you conclude should be done? Leave it on / turn it off

Estimate the number of computers your school has.
How much would your school save on electricity by turning them all off at night and on weekends?


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"Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don't let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months." Clifford Stoll


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